Eastbourne Helper Personal Assistants


Live life as you want to live it

We’re a team of personal assistants, dedicated to helping people with their domestic and social needs.

‘Personal assistant’ or PA often means someone who assists management in an office. But a few years ago some people with disabilities decided that ‘personal assistant’ was a good name for someone who could work with them in many aspects of their daily lives. In a way, this kind of PA’s role overlaps with the role of the office helper, because both of them have to be very organised! But the difference, of course, is that domestic and social PAs are there to help you with just about anything – working with you so that you can live life as you want to live it.

Our PAs are trained and accredited through the Support with Confidence scheme, run by East Sussex County Council Trading Standards and Adult Social Care.


Go straight to the Team page (here) to meet our PAs and see how they can help you.